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You've chosen a high-efficiency Champion® system for your home. Now, you can expect to enjoy the comfort that comes with the brand known as a leader in reliability. Your Champion® system was built for years of dependable operation and comes with one of the most comprehensive limited warranties in the industry. With just routine maintenance, your Champion® system should run efficiently for years with trouble-free performance. But even the most well-built equipment can sometimes need repairs. When you consider the rising cost of labor and materials, and the fact that most breakdowns occur when you least expect them, ColdSolutions wants to help keep you covered. That's why we offer Preventive Maintenance Programs that will grant you - up to 10 years of quality, extended protection designed to keep your Champion® equipment running efficiently without unexpected repair bills.

ColdSolutions provides you with the lasting peace of mind that comes from the best extended protection plan in the industry. Here are a few benefits:
• Up to 10 years of total system coverage
• Offered directly from Champion® through ColdSolutions
• Protection from rising repair costs
• Total coverage with no hidden costs
• No deductible
• No limit on the number of repairs
• No expenses for regular business hour service calls
• Fast and easy access to service from the ColdSolutions

Complete peace of mind for the cost of a one-time service call
With the choice of parts-only, labor-only or parts-and-labor, coverage for up to 10 years, ColdSolutions offers outstanding value and peace of mind - with coverage exactly how you want it.

Provided directly from Champion® and ColdSolutions
• Timely repairs
• Fast access to service
• No third-party involvement
• Total parts-and-labor coverage for up to 10 years

ColdSolutions offer fast and easy access, unlimited repairs.
It's like having a zero-deductible healthcare plan for your home comfort system - no deductibles, no hidden costs and no limit to the number of repairs. And because you're contacting the Champion® Contractor that sold you the equipment, you'll get quick access to the service you need.

We stand by every AC installation

A properly installed air conditioner should last for years. Make sure you hire an HVAC company you can trust for your air conditioning installation. ColdSolutions is confident in our work, and we offer a 10-year warranty on every installation. You'll have peace of mind knowing that we'll return to repair your system and replace parts if you have a problem.

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