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Call us for AC repair services in Corpus Christi or Houston, TX

ColdSolutions offer fast and easy access, unlimited repairs.
It's like having a zero-deductible healthcare plan for your home comfort system - no deductibles, no hidden costs and no limit to the number of repairs. And because you're contacting the Champion® Contractor that sold you the equipment, you'll get quick access to the service you need.

Repair costs are on the rise. A minor service call can cost over $165, while major out-of-warranty repairs can run over $1,000!

Performance Promise™ protects you against these costs. You can protect yourself from these common
repair costs:
• Condenser fan motor - $450
• Capacitor - $275
• Indoor blower motor (air handler or evaporator coil) - $400
• Contractor - $275

ColdSolutions is the premier choice that can fix your unit with AC repair services in Corpus Christi, TX. We repair all kinds of equipment, including residential and commercial air conditioners, mini-split systems and walk-in freezers. We have the skills to inspect your system and get the problem fixed.

Signs you need AC repairs

Signs you need AC repairs

You can avoid emergencies by getting AC repair services before your system breaks down. Watch out for these signs that your system has a serious problem:

  • Your AC unit makes banging sounds
  • Your system cycles constantly
  • Your energy bill is spiking

Our HVAC technician can give your system a thorough inspection to find potential damage. We'll get your system in tiptop shape so it keeps working as efficiently as possible. Call 832-420-8955 to arrange for HVAC repair services in Corpus Christi, Texas.